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The ART of EXTRACTING VALUE | A Masterclass from Business Gurus, Snake Charmers.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss THOSE PESKY GET RICH YOUTUBE ADS, INTERNET GURUS, MENTORS, AND COURSE SELLERS. Share the insights and details they don't want you to know. To get the full context of what we are saying and mean, read our disclaimer down below. Like with any situation or industry there will already be exceptions to rule but that less likely to happen than a Youtuber forgetting to tell you to SMASH the like button, haha.

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Disclaiming :

This episode is not saying that selling online or starting an eCommerce business is bad or evil, elements of dropping have been around for 50+ years or that flip culture is bad because that's not true, but there's a big difference between selling your used shoes or spending years designs a product, to the ethics  behind dropshipping where they have been involved with the product at any stage of development and they are providing no VALUE.

Also, we are not saying at all educators are bad or lazy, because that not true at all, especially when it comes to professional in medical & legal and business fields are that highly specialized, but we are saying teacher and educators need to be held to a higher standard and have skin in the game because, outside a few programming schools, there isn't really a system in place to incentivize career placement and development the traditional school system. 

Online courses are needed to be held at a higher standard as well than selling information anyone can scrape off the front page of google concerning certain topics.

We are not saying that free speech should be limited in any way though.

We don't own or control any of the rights to clips used in this episode, which are utilized under fair use laws for comedy, parodies, and education.